Mad abt CSI

A few of my colleagues just got back from Shanghai after working there for 1 month. With the business trip, came along a whole load of purchased items. Apparently DVDs are very cheap over there.. so everyone went crazy!! Then I found out that my manager bought CSI boxset which contains episodes from Season 1 to Season 5!!!!

Without wasting my time, I asked to borrow the boxset to catchup on any episodes I may hv missed on AXN. I’ve always been interested in forensic stuff.. although I’m no scientist… so CSI was a refreshing series which I love to watch.

So Ive been watching one episodes to another until I reach the season 5 DVDs… as I was being told that it contains episodes for the whole 5 seasons, I was excited that I didnt miss any episodes… but to my SURPRISE, as i reach the last DVD… I realise its missing the last episodes!! How I know??? I know cos I remember seeing on AXN ad, the season finale has Eric Stokes being kidnapped and trapped in a coffin. Besides that the season finale was directed by Quentin Tarantino! How can this happened??

Frustrated, I went online to confirm… YES, its true, the DVD is missing Season 5 last episodes… so sad…

Note: Thanks Timmy for the tong yuen & pai kuat.


3 thoughts on “Mad abt CSI

  1. ola..wonder whats so special about CSI that every lady out there is hooked on it.. btw, did you know that not all 100% af the techniques they use in the show are 100% really used? hang is a TV yes hahaBtw, your friend got bring back any Smallville season 5? Miss miss Lana already..

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