Removing the blogger navbar..

If you look closely, there’s no longer a Blogger nav bar on the top of this site. Found a way to remove this pesky navbar from the top. And.. its VERY easy!!

This involves a bit of editing the template codes.. get into your bloggers template coding. Search for the tag “<body>”.

You will need to enclose the body tag with a noscript. It should look like this when you’re done: “<noscript><body></noscript>”.

Save that and republish your site. Thats it. Easy peasy, like ABC, ais kacang, kacang putih, kacang kuda.. any kacangs..


3 thoughts on “Removing the blogger navbar..

  1. Well, Blogger allows you to publish to your own site using ftp. If you do that, they actually have a function in the settings that ask if you want to remove that.

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