What a wkend!

Had a relatively lazy wkend… planned to do some work … didnt do so until now, which is like 1.27 AM – Monday morning!!!

Matta fair was this wkend as well. Went to get my air tix… am quite happy that I’m one step closer to taking a break from work. On top of getting my air tix, also signed up for a spa package.. hahahah

Had some great seafood… exercise like mad this morning, watched a good show tonite.. STOMP! The chairs in Istana Budaya was quite bad.. luckily the show was good. But I realise that M’sian crowd is quite bad in interaction. The performers was tryin to engage the spectators INTO the shows, but somehow I think they hv failed miserably tonite. There wasnt enuf of enthusiams from the crowd. At least thats how I feel.

So.. was also clumsy just now…. my feet was wet n I slip n fell on my knee coming out of the bathroom… *tsk*tsk* damn painful now. Its kinda red, I bet later on today it will be BLUE BLACK. We shall see… might take some pics to show… 😦

Have been doing alot of thinking too… on how i felt abt work, feeling tired, needing a change.. I realise i’ve been doing alof of complaining & talking but hardly any action! I need more motivation and ask myself what I really want. Its no used complaining if i’m not gonna do anything abt it. So to everyone out there, will welcome any form of feedback… on the possible change I can make, jobs I can do, esp for those who knows me well.

Maybe a hol in Nov will do me good and will make that feeling go away.


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