Fed-Up & Piss Off

I wish I could do something else with my life rather than chasing ppl for documents, verifying ppl’s figures, taking minutes, preparing presentation slides for jobs which I didnt do, listening to boss’ expectation for half the day, attending tonnes n tonnes of meaningless meetings, feeling disappointed with ppl’s behaviour, etc.

Why cant I find the ‘right’ job?? Which I wont be complaining and feel let down by other ppl’s behaviour?? I wan to feel happy…. !! Why issit so hard to do that?

Maybe taking a yr off from work would do me good… something to consider seriously.


5 thoughts on “Fed-Up & Piss Off

  1. If your financial condition allows why not take 2 years :DWorking with people is like that. Very very rare you will like everything and everyone in your work place.Cheer up.

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