We lost!

Today was the IAFG Basketball Finals between EY & KPMG… we got trashed 26-66!

But am still very proud of our team cos:

  1. We BEAT PwC last week in the semis.. hehehe (our arch-rival)
  2. There’s 4 players in the team from RaBS. Specifically ALL of them are from TSRS! (Good work Tuck Wai, Jerry, Chin Teong & Kevin)

If you’re wondering what is IAFG, it stands for Inter-Accounting Firms Games. This is like the mini olympic held yearly with participants from the various local accounting firms.

Managed to obtain some pics from last wk’s semis against PwC.

Myself, Yin Ching, Shauntine & Justin cheering as our team score another gol!

EY cheering in full force.


One thought on “We lost!

  1. With that score line.. i guess u all did not have to stand up and cheer very often.. ROFL.Nice cheer girls u got though. 😉

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