Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that had sms-ed me birthday wishes, yes I’m a year older now. Sorry for not replying all the SMSes, my phone’s gone ker-plunker, dropped it one time too many (is this the right phrase, hmmm?). Here’s the list (in no particular order)

Raymond, thanks bro. Loved the moon cake! Thanks to my dad and rest of the bros too.

Steph, for being such a wonderful person. You are always there for me.

Boon, it’s been awhile since we’ve jammed. Biler? We should start again. Gotta get someone to read the chinese message that you sent me..don’t know wat is it. hehe
Btw, your message is the first that I received!

Esther & Mei Yee, we should have more food outing, yah!? I’m thinking of seafood, satay, steamboat, Swedish meat balls, and etc..

Pooi Chin, Sook Ling, Alexis and Ivy, how was the fireworks?

Emran, Prakash, Liaw and MK, it’s been a while since we had a gathering with everyone in it. Missed those days when we used to hang out and do nothing. I can still remember.. water pressure, suzuki, superman act and other OTBs 😀

My colleagues in Convenxia, love you guys and gals. Life is much more interesting with everyone around. 🙂 Special thanks to Ying, Aless and Wai Kong, I’ve never had colleagues which is so interesting and funny all the time!

To the rest, thanks for being part of my life. Keep in touch.


2 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Hey Dave, hope you had a memorable birthday! The best is yet to come. Live life to the fullest! Thanks for being a great friend. ;)Just me, Esther

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