On the way home from dinner just now, dav & I had a discussion on the cartoon / series we used to watched/follow in the olden days… and i mentioned shows like Thundercats, Transformer, Knightrider, Airwolfe, etc… Then he said I am quite boyish…

Recalling my childhood days.. there was indeed some time when I am quite a tomboy. I never had dolls… i remember playing with leggos (my fav) and playdoh. Never had soft toys. Maybe thats why I am collecting so many now.. Ironically, I hv LOTS of them and they are occupying half of my queen size bed. muahahahaha just cant get enuf of them.

Lets stock take on the toys I have on my bed:
1. Max
2. Hippo
3. HUGE yellow cat
4. Blue man
5. Yellow star
6. Red heart
7. Dino
8. Tu the Aqua pets
9. Owl


3 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. eh firstly u didnt help me give a name. secondly, where got all of them got name?? blue man, yellow star, hippo, red heart also considered name ah?? dont la get upset… u help me name it lor..maybe we shld call it maamee… wat do u think?

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