Sembunyi Spa, Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa

For Dav’s birthday this year, I have decided to take him to a Spa to get some R&R. I have chosen Sembunyi Spa because it is located in the middle of no where. Hence it is very quiet. Plus, it has great scenery and great interior design. Dav loves the Balinese style architecture and design. So this place fits the criteria perfectly.

Besides that, the whole place is full of these flowers in water pots. Very nice indeed.

I have chosen the ‘Forever Yours’ Package for couples. The treatments are carried out in the Exclusive Mayang Sari Suite. The treatments includes:

  • Body Massage (a choice of Aromatherapy, Balinese & Shiatsu)
  • Floral Fantasy Body Treatment (Island Dream Scrub followed by Yoghurt)
  • In the Garden Bath (Rich Milk and Fresh Blossom Bath scented with Melor Dream Bath Gel)

    We choosed to have Balinese massage and I opted for a ‘Warm & Spicy’ Body Treatment instead of the ‘Floral Fantacy Body Treatment’ as its good for body aches.

  • We were advised to arrive one hour before the treatment to enjoy the facilities there (i.e. fitness centre, steam & sauna, jacuzzi bath and ice cold plunge pool). So we were there an hr early. After choosing our choice of oil for the massage, we went to the fitness centre for a workout before we enjoyed the jacuzzi bath & ice cold pool.

    As we were the only guests for the next 2 hrs, they were kind enough to allow us to enjoy the jacuzzi bath together in the ladies’ room. Supposedly the ladies and men’s room has its own jacuzzi bath. Next to the jacuzzi bath, there is the ice cold plunge pool. I was advised to be in the warm jacuzzi bath for 10mins then head to the ice cold pool for 3 secs and repeat the process. I dont think anyone can stay longer than 3 secs as its really ICE COLD! Almost forgot, next to the bath is a BIG window (as shown in the pic). U can just sit in the bath and enjoy the view of the lake for as long as u wan. They have also built a small water fall in the jacuzzi, pouring warm water into the bath.

    We were already feeling so relaxed in the jacuzzi before the treatment. Reluctantly we left the jacuzzi after abt 20mins to prepare for our treatment.

    The Mayang Sari suite is on the first floor and it has its private balcony overlooking the lake. Before the start of the treatment, we were given cold ginger tea and a cold mint flavoured face towel to enjoy at the balcony. Then we were lead into the room where the treatment is being performed together. The room has its own little bathtub, a toilet, a little daybed and of course two massage tables. Also the room has full glass door with a landscape view outside.

    After abt 2 hrs of massage & body treatment, we were left alone in the room to enjoy the milk bath with flower petals with cold ginger tea and mango pudding. An hr later, we came out relaxed and refreshed with silky smooth skin… heheheheh

    Wat an unforgettable experience. Will definitely recommend it to all. They have quite a few promotion packages until Dec. So anyone interested can obtain the brochure from me… 🙂 For those who wanna check out the treatments they have, you can browse through the online catalogue.

    Last but not least:
    To my dearest David… Hope u enjoyed the spa as much as I have and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From your girl, Steph


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