Maximillian and Us Ver2!!

Finally.. I’ve promised to get this up this weekend. So here it is! Layout’s and contents are much cleaner that before. Used subtler colours for the navigations and interface around. I think that’s why it looks a bit dull. I want to highlight the contents and the pictures inserted.

Have added images on top to visually paint the pictures of anything interesting. Have also added the pics of ourselves there to maybe document the different stages of fatness.. *chuckle*

Problem with this new layout is that most previous contents needs to fixed and readjusted. Loads of work. Didn’t finish with all the changes. Will do that later, or someone else will do it..hehe

So anyway, what do you guys and gals think? Love to have feedbacks on the current look from anyone.



4 thoughts on “Maximillian and Us Ver2!!

  1. yipee.. the long awaited v2 is up! thanks for designin, i know it takes alot of hard work n brain cells to come up with this one. *muak*I agree wth edna.. the colour for the links need to be darker. Maybe can change it to pink colour?

  2. Tenkyu! tenkyu! for the feedbacks. Seems that everyone agrees that the links should be clearer. I have changed that. Hopefully it is better now?

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