Karaoke Birthday Party

My colleagues organised a combined birthday celebration for Gary & I, which was held last Friday in Red Box @ The Curve. The turn out was great. There was about 16 of us, majority of which are from TSRS (with their respective partners of course).

We started singing from 9pm, of which ppl only turn up from 930 – 1030pm (typical M’sian time). Initially we were suppose to end our session at 12am. Since the charges are so expensive although I didnt hv to pay, they allow us to stay until 1am. Then Kok Tin bought ANOTHER bottle, thus the session lasted until 3am!!

Total consumption that nite:

  • 4 bottles of chivas (mixed with water/coke)
  • 3 jugs of beers
  • fruit platter
  • 1 snacks platter
  • 1 HUGE birthday cake
  • Here are some of the pics we took..

    Gary, Kamy (The Organiser) & I

    Gary’s 5 seconds performance

    My turn. But its only 3 seconds. Thank god!

    The birthday girl & boy with their respective partners

    The guests

    More guests


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