Accident – Part 2

So we managed to get a police report on Monday, then we realised we need to wait another 2 WEEKS for the pictures, sketches & results of the report!!!

A rough calculation on the time leads to the following:
Collect docs from police station – 18 July
Submit docs to insurance agent for claim – 23 or 24 July
Waiting time for claim processing – 2 weeks to months?!?!

Looks like the earliest we can fix the car is the end of July or early Aug. Thats if the insurance claim goes through without problems.

Such a hassle!


One thought on “Accident – Part 2

  1. You shoulda asked me! Was involved in an accident in PJ and had to take you-know-who to the one in KL previously! Well, better late than never so here goes: if u need to report any ones in PJ, it’s in New Town (PJ). In KL, it’s near Petaling Street! Oh well, knowledge is king i guess… now YOU and DAVE know.. let’s just hope u dun ever hafta use that bit of knowledge again! And thank goodness ur both ok…

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