Got into accident on Federal Highway on Thursday nite, on our way home from KLCC.

I was driving Dav’s car as he forgot to bring his wallet (no driving license) when our car was suddenly knocked from behind on the fast lane. As the car behind was travelling quite fast, the impact has caused our car to hit another car in front of our car. It was a 3 car pile-up accident!

Was quite shocked when it happened due to the impact.

But of course Dav was more angry than shock cos his car got banged.

After long and tedious discussion among the 3 car owners, everyone agreed to lodge police report mainly because the driver at fault cant afford to pay for the damages. So the only resolution is to lodge a report and claim his insurance. So this is where our ‘adventure’ begins.

Firstly, no one knows which police station to lodge police report. Different people has different location. Even the bloody AMAssurance toll free helpline cant give us an answer! So we tried the police traffic station near Petaling Street and luckily we got it right….

Next, we were not sure how to go about making the insurance claim and which workshop to sent the car to fix. Went to Dav’s regular workshop in Sunway and the owner was kind enough to contact his insurance friend to ask for advise. Got all the instruction but cant do anything until we get the police report, photographs & the results from the police station on Monday.

Then, got a call from Dav’s bro which told us that we should have went to another workshop in Kota Kemuning (KK). So, we head off to KK to check out the workshop. On the way there I managed to stop by my sis’s place to have a look at her house, which is in KK. This workshop ppl also gave us the same instruction. Since the bro knows the ppl in this workshop, Dav decide that maybe it’ll be better to sent it here.

By the end of the day, Dav was quite upset that it involves so many things and also knowing that it may take quite a while to fix his car since the damange it not that great!

Luckily his car can still work. So at the mean time, need to settle the police report and the insurance claim before his car can be fixed.

Lessons learnt:

  • Patient is a virtue.
  • No matter how save u drive, if other ppl do not drive safely, your ASS will still get hit!
  • Knowledge transfer in M’sia sucks! No one knows exacly the correct place to go and what to do.

2 thoughts on “Accident

  1. Yo bro, your picts of cars all in good condition. Why dun you take one when you buang? I guess u’re too pro by now that you hardly get into an accident or maybe not?!?! Then again, u’re the workshop and driver and in one.

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