Feeling cold

Been sick since Monday… got fever n cold. Doc said its just a flu.. but still feeling damn cold. Feel like working in a freezer at client’s office!!

Am kinda sick of SAP now. Esp with all the jargons and the SAP concept. Why cant ppl invent applications with simple human understandable concept? I’m using my brain cell too hard until it feels like its gonna blow up!

Ok, i need more rest… but i’ve just gotten a MC on Tues….. maybe a permanent rest.. stop working perhaps.. but who’s gonna feed me? I dont think my parents wld be too keen on that idea. Although indirectly I am still being taken care of by my parents since I still stay with them.

Got the new Wang Lee Hom album from my colleague today. Its gonna be on my playlist for a while. Not too sure why lately I’ve been listening to alot of chinese songs.. no, I dont think its due to the Mandarin classes I’ve been taking. Somehow it seems like chinese songs are more catchy and is easier on the ear. One of the latest famous song is “Lao Shu Ai Da Mi” .. translated to english its “Rat Love Rice”… hahahaha funny title rite? But its like the most famous song in China n M’sia now.

Dav created a new website for me (www.steph.davidseow.com). Go have a look at it. Bear in mind I was not the author of the website as it was created when I was sick, thus the sentences there….


One thought on “Feeling cold

  1. My colleague Aless, went to his concert last week. She was showing off some of the phone vids that she captured of the fella. Seems that he can play multiple instruments, sing and dance. *Borrring*

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