Homosexual Activity Among Animals Stirs Debate

Found this article in National Geographic website. Imagine even animals hv the same behaviour as human.. so I would like to know is why is homosexuality such a ‘BAD’ thing?? I mean come on.. even the animals have the same preferences.

I believe its just a preference/ a choice.. and I dont see anything wrong with it. Everyone is entitle to choose the path they want to take in life.. and this includes sexual preferences. I truly do not agree and do not understand ppl who cant accept homosexuality esp those who are ‘afraid’ thus become violent abt the whole subject.

People tend to become ‘scare’ with the things they do not understand and I think the best way to curb this is to be calm and understand the it better before setting ur mind to ‘HATE’ them and their behaviour.

Lets make this place a better place to live and live in harmony!


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