Working in the Twin Towers

Been posted to work in the Twin Towers for 3 weeks. Initial thought was “COOL!” especially when I found out that my work station is on the 66th floor!!! Then I changed my mind completely after my first day. My client is base on the 26th floor. The following is the account of the amount of lifts I have to go through just to see my client and go back to my work station…

>To go to 26th floor from 66th floor
1. Go down to 42nd floor.
2. Change lifts to take the Mezzanie lifts to go down to ground floor.
3. Locate even number lifts which goes to 26th floor.

To go back up to 66th floor from 26th floor
1. Go down to ground floor.
2. Change lifts to take the Mezzanie lifts to 41st floor.
3. Locate lifts which goes to 66th floor.

By the time I arrived back at my work station, I would have taken 6 lifts!!!!!! Imagine if I have to see client a few times in one day…. SIGH!

Although one cool thing happened this week. I managed to walked on the Level 42 Skybridge. But the view is kinda restricted. I think the view from the offices is much better.


4 thoughts on “Working in the Twin Towers

  1. at least u’re near him now!what u guys did for mummy?Hope mom likes the card…Had 1 exam last week,3 more to go this week. Will be done by thurs *yay*Jas

  2. dad is away in China and mum had plans tonite.. so we decided to postpone the dinner to until dad comes back..she was curious how the card had your signature on it.. asked me who bought the card..

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