Bored with my studies..

Been a long time since I spent the whole saturday at home.. not even taking a single step out of the hse~!

Neway.. was meant to study for my up-n-coming CISA exam.. but mission failled miserably. Only managed to open the manual after watching my first ever CSI:NY.. thats abt 11pm! Even then I didnt fully concentrate on my study.. was half surfing the net n half studying.

So thats when I came across this quiz: What Age Do You Act? Guess how old they say I am?? Drum rolls pls… tadatadatadatadatada… 24 and the accompany description says “You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what’s to come… love, work, and new experiences.” Not sure whether this is a good news or a bad news..

Btw.. cant wait for dav to come back!! 😛


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