A foggy day in London Town.

I’ve arrived. Heathrow airport, one of the busiest airport in the world. Weather is quite good. Bits of rain and fog, nothing that can dampened the experience.

I’m still dazed by the absolute amazing view, way up above the clouds.. as the sun rises slowly in the horizon. Clouds slowly moving like wave pounding slowly unto the shore. Promise to post a picture on this as soon as I can!

Still deciding where to visit in London town in the night. I’ll be bunking over at Oxford Street, later this week. Anyone have any ideas?


4 thoughts on “A foggy day in London Town.

  1. Hey dave,YOU’RE in LONDON again?Should give me a buzz…but too bad i cant meet up, have exams coming up next week!How long you gonna be here?Try going to Soho at night,a good experience!JasNgoi

  2. Steph,you’re back into the country and he’s out of country? Hmmm…Dav,yeah Soho is by chinatown. Have fun! Check out the sex shops…ha…ha…

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